A constant drive to reach for harmony, a concept made to offer the human mind ongoing answers to the ongoing question that the living and breathing being itself is. The question always is “Who am I” only transformed into the next likely contemplation available to the human existence. It is a matter of how trained one’s system is, designing the individual, consenting with time’s ever ticking clock, always prone to reflex.

Therefore the endeavour is to find distance in thought, allowing us to restructure and present ourselves to a renaissance in perspective. It is an endeavour of the soul to keep the mind in motion, as our universe is dynamic, for that is what gives satisfaction. And soothes a pain consisting of a still life whose codification we cannot quite unlock, disengage from the vanities embraced in its contour, to have the ever lively vita of its colours reveal the secret of their essence.

Mediating the arising forms, figures, rough or tender strokes of the brush, I accept myself coming from a sphere where harmony takes the reins. Coincidence takes its place accompanying transcendence to encourage the manifesting flow of thought, the dynamic of a motion in its task of absolution.

The enigma induces answers, one’s world requires reflection. Passivity and activity obtain an equally distributed status quo, alleviating issues at matter from their guilt, or their gloss. What remains in brightness is the exercise of coherent assignation. Instinct, intuition and intellect are applied in high-minded straightening. It is a spirited act of criticism which is laid upon the silhouette of interaction. The capability of enduring such processing is solely derived from a superior set of principles, coordinating the gameplay but not necessarily obliged to reveal their properties in order to execute them. Simultaneously the consistence of a dream, reality and the abstract are alined in the notion of the fantastic which testifies for every ideal or perception. Illusion and imagination find themselves, recognising each other as valid instructors in a workshop.

The vision ciphered in perspective is the context of a world which does not apologise for its insufficiency. It is meant to be the draft where a thoroughly dramatic script finds nutritive soil to flourish. From a sphere consisting of arbitrariness and incertitude a scenery transcends from. Art is the key to mediate it, to cultivate a lifestyle which dignifies the self nevertheless does not disrespect the other, the one standing beside. It is the via regis, the royal path leading to the constitutive, already underlying it.